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Stairs within the tower are only used for emergency exit.

The ornamentation of the tower has been simplified; the huge garlands that festooned the top panels of the tower were removed.

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Philadelphia City Hall is the seat of government for the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Twice during the 1990s, the statue was partially clothed in a major league sports team's uniform when they were in contention for a championship: a Phillies cap in 1993 and a Flyers jersey in 1997—both teams lost.

The curse ended 22 years later when the Phillies won the 2008 World Series, a year and four months after a Penn statuette had been affixed to the final beam of the Comcast Center during its topping out ceremony in June 2007.

By the terms of a gentlemen's agreement that forbade any structure from rising above the hat on the Penn statue, Philadelphia City Hall remained the tallest building in the city until it was surpassed by One Liberty Place in 1986.

The abrogation of this agreement supposedly brought a curse onto local professional sports teams.

The statue actually faces northeast, towards Penn Treaty Park in the Fishtown section of the city, which commemorates the site where Penn signed a treaty with the local Native American tribe.

Pennsbury Manor, Penn's country home in Bucks County, is also located to the northeast.

Despite its lofty perch, the city has mandated that the statue be cleaned about every ten years to remove corrosion and reduce deterioration due to weathering, with the latest cleaning done in May 2017.

Calder wished the statue to face south so that its face would be lit by the sun most of the day, the better to reveal the details of his work.

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