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Such shenanigans have been behind the incessant news releases regarding the Shroud of Turin (a more bogus relic there never was), the recent "depiction" of what Jesus would have looked like (a Neanderthal), and the never-ending slew of books concerning the "real Jesus," who invariably resembles the authors of said books.To those who have been around a while and have developed a jaundiced eye, this latest "find" is yet more of the same "evidence." The original article that scooped this story was blatant and injudicious in its pronouncements, flatly stating that "This container [ossuary] provides the only New Testament-era mention of the central figure of Christianity and is the first-ever archaeological discovery to corroborate Biblical references to Jesus." Hillary Mayell, writing for the (10/21/02), said, "Researchers may have uncovered the first archaeological evidence that refers to Jesus as an actual person and identifies James, the first leader of the Christian church, as his brother." The article on MSNBC's website regarding the ossuary stated, "No physical artifact from the first century related to him has been discovered and verified." CNN's Jeordan Legon, in an article entitled, "Scholars: Oldest Evidence of Jesus?Taylor claims that in the play Prometheus is crucified "on a fatal tree" and the sky goes dark:"The darkness which closed the scene on the suffering Prometheus, was easily exhibited on the stage, by putting out the lamps; but when the tragedy was to become history, and the fiction to be turned into fact, the lamp of day could not be so easily disposed of. I have found Murdock's scholarship, research, knowledge of the original languages, and creative linkages to be breathtaking and highly stimulating." —Rev. Jon Burnham, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX"Ms.

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The ossuary, therefore, would supposedly be that of the biblical "James the Just," who is referred to as Jesus's "brother" at Matthew and Galatians .

Naturally, Christian apologists and fanatics rubbed their hands together, and gleefully and smugly bombarded nonbelievers with the news via email.

Although the faithful believe that this astonishing pronouncement was rooted in science, Lemaire's precise dating is based on the that the find is indeed the bone-box of James the Just, the disciple whose death is assigned by Christians to the year 62 CE.

Nevertheless, it is not the case that the ossuary contains an inscribed date or is conclusively dated by other means to exactly 63 CE and must therefore represent the burial box of James the Just.

According to Wheless, the cult of Mithra was, shortly before the Christian era, "the most popular and widely spread 'Pagan' religion of the times." Mithra has the following in common with the Christ character: The similarities between the Christian character and the Indian messiah are many.

Indeed, Massey finds over 100 similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors, and Graves, who includes the various noncanonical gospels in his analysis, lists over 300 likenesses.But was there really some wondrous "new proof" of Jesus that would set the record straight once and for all, or was it all another bit of faithful flotsam?In actuality, it seems to be time once again for the world's religious handlers to pull out another holy relic in order to bolster up the flagging faith.To repeat, even though news reports make it seem the box itself contains this very date, in reality the dating of 63 CE attached to this particular ossuary is based on the tradition of James's death, because the box possesses a dated inscription or there is some other precise dating method.According to CNN, the "Israeli government's geological survey test" concluded that "the object is more than 19 centuries old," but the author cites BAR as the source, and this particular statement does not appear on the BAR website article.In other words, the dating is based on circular reasoning: Since James died in 62 CE, and since this is apparently his ossuary, it must date to 63 CE, when his bones would have been placed in it.

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