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In his program, the 9×18 caliber Russian produced JHP penetrated 16 inches in-depth in testing.The 9×18 clearly has enough penetration for personal defense.

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The Brown Bear JHP ammunition is completely reliable in the Makarov and gives good ballistic results and is available in 50 round boxes. The Makarov, then, ushered in a new era for the Soviets.

The pistol is important not only in combat but in directing troops and as a badge of office.

The Makarov is more reliable than most of the more expensive small pistols, is well made of good material, and is surprisingly accurate.

This makes the Makarov a superior choice to most of the double action first-shot .380 ACP pistols in this size and weight class. If you are able to obtain a Makarov at a fair price, along with a good supply of ammunition, this is as good a lightweight self-loader as may be had.” is a military intelligence officer with much practical experience and knows a bit about the Makarov.

Designed for economical use of resources and adequate penetration, the 9×18 uses a projectile of slightly greater diameter than the .355-inch .380 cartridge and the 9×18 is a bit hotter as well.

There is some opinion that the Soviets adopted the 9×18 to ensure that their pistol caliber was proprietary to their armed forces.

The blowback action of the Makarov could not handle a powerful cartridge such as the 9mm Luger but the blowback action and fixed barrel result in a very accurate handgun. The pistol’s safety works in the proper manner rather than the opposite manner of the PPK or Beretta 92.

You move the Makarov safety to the fire position by moving the safety down, which needs but a natural thumb motion while the other safety types require the safety be swept upwards in an unnatural thumb motion.

It will out-shoot more expensive handguns and never seems to break or malfunction.

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