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I wonder where they are now; I imagine a few are grandmothers. "Calecia Biker." Young vato stays on the scene with a gangsta lean.

A very early incarnation of the lowrider bike phenomenon - note curb feelers and wide whites. "He's the dude on the corner, the vato chavo lowrider!

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Cinco de Mayo Lowrider Day continues with a repost from January ---------------------- I've written before about my admiration for lowriders and lowrider culture; but when it comes to chronicling the ranfla lifestyle, the real horse's mouth is Lowrider Magazine.

After a humble birth in 1977 San Jose as a one-color mag distributed at area car shows, Lowrider has grown into a publishing institution with over 1.5 million readers worldwide, and spinoff publications like Lowrider Bike, Lowrider Truck, Lowrider Arte and Lowrider Euro.

Science Of was founded on the premise that relationships are a central part of life and that our understanding of relationships benefits from research and scientific evidence.

They also believe this information is most beneficial when presented in an engaging and entertaining fashion.

Both of their lives were forever changed by the experience in this bittersweet tribute.

Adi Heyman Afikim Aspergers' Syndrome Bipolar Disorder Chaya Gestetner Comedy Danny Lobell Fabologie Hasid Hasidic Judge Leah Forster Marc Weiner Mendy Pellin Mike Fine Modest Fashionnew york times Ohel Rabbi Raphael Butler Rachel Freier Ruchie Freier Shidduchim Simi Gestetner The Frock Yisrael Campbell Yoely Lebovits A former Hollywood script editor, Jerusalem event planner, non-profit fundraiser and professional blogger, Sara Levine is an accomplished writer and editor.

With over 18 years experience as a story consultant, her notes and critiques on novels and scripts have been used to select and improve material by top studios, networks, agencies and writers in Hollywood and beyond. I watched every video on Youtube and immensely enjoyed each one. Thanks for doing the work you are doing; Jew in the City is definitely on to something BIG.

I am from a different world, a different religion, and when I say different, I mean it…

A Brooklyn Trailblazer Becomes America’s First Female Hasidic Judge Ruchie Frier made her way through law school and an impressive legal career while raising a traditional family.

Now she will decide cases for New York City as she cherishes the support of her family and community.

When Dating Cues Don’t Come Naturally: Helping Special Needs Daters Learn the Ropes In the realm of shidduch dating, there are few resources for daters who have a medical history, or suffer from mental or emotional issues.

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