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Fast forward to 2 years ago, I stopped drinking, began therapy, became more in touch with me and living my life in the present and commenced on a road of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in my life.

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Although sometimes things happen and you might need a bit of help.

Once you select this, a forum opens and you can send POF an email.

I still see my therapist, but need to talk to women who have been through this and find out how they cope.

The hardest part for me is giving up on the fantasy life I thought we had, all the while knowing deep down we didn’t.

With my past sexual abuse, and his sex addiction (i’ve always known he masturbates a lot) our sex life has never been healthy, and with the baggage of that, my drinking and the new revelations I don’t think I have the energy, the want, the desire to try and work this out.

Maybe we will end up stronger with better communication, a deeper relationship, but after reading your site and others, it seems recovery is not very prevalent, and I truly don’t know if I can get past this.

Thus, many thinkers and writers, including Bede, summarize and quote extensively from patristic writers in order to introduce neophytes to the great fathers of the church along with Scripture.

The other is that many are out for your wallet, not your heart.

Anyway, any insight, opinions or direction you could give would be very much appreciated!

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