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Drake's parents divorced when he was five years old.

After the divorce, he and his mother remained in Toronto, while his father chose to return to Memphis in order to find a way to supplement himself financially.

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That year, Drake lead both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 charts simultaneously for eight weeks, coming close to a record held by Whitney Houston.

He has the most charted songs (154) among solo artists in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, the most simultaneously charted Hot 100 songs in a single week (24), the most time on the Hot 100 (431 weeks) and the most Hot 100 debuts in a week (21).

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I guess if you’re only planning on seeing a date once or twice, then you could keep up the lie and she’d be none the wiser.

Twitter users everywhere went into shock when Drake tweeted; "Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs.

Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long.When asked about the move to Forest Hill, Drake replied, "[We had] a half of a house we could live in.The other people had the top half, we had the bottom half.‘Take a pic with your cat, chicks dig animals,’ I told him, and so he grabbed his grumpy cat and posed for a selfie on his bed.I few months back, I came across the second video in this blog about a girl posting her video on an online dating site...When asked about the mixtape, Drake described the project as "pretty straightforward, radio friendly, [and] not much content to it." The mixtape was released for sale only, and confirmed to have sold over 6,000 copies.

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