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Would you consider is ok to call Carlos from accounting and have a chat about your favorite movies? Late night phone calls and meet ups are off-limits, unless your wali is in on the situation like butter on bread.Sisters, don't be fooled in to thinking everything is sweet just because he manned up and proposed (or promised to propose).

The scary fact is, Shaytaan will seize the opportunity if he sees you approaching a potentially sinful situation.

Slowly but surely, certain things seem more and more acceptable to you, and you could soon find yourself in a compromising situation that you never would have thought possible.

Think of your (future) husband as an advocate of your deen - i.e.

the closest person to you that will encourage you toward good and steer you away from sin.

Get married if possible, since that is the cure for those in love.

Tip: If marriage is not an option, have sabr and don't transgress the limits set by Allah for fleeting feelings.

She checks her Facebook to see if he has posted on her wall; and her gaze is always lowered... She says she cannot live without him, and with a twinkle in his eyes, he says he feels the same way. One of the most evil crisis' to come upon the Ummah is that of dating and inappropriate contact between the genders.

All day he is the number one feature of her daydreams; the star of the show. He cherishes her, adores her and cares for her in every way possible.

It's tempting to cling on to the first decent guy that shows interest, but don't settle for anyone who makes you compromise your Deen. Let them know your wali will be present at all times during the pre-marital meeting.

Make sure your wali understands his role properly, which isn't to keep a brick wall between you and your intended, but to act as your guardian.

The difference between such companions is literally the difference between Jannah and Jahannam. The contact between you may have become inappropriate, it doesn't have to stay that way.

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