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Brown was sentenced a year in prison after violating probation in connection to an assault charge dating back to 2004.The initial assault charge was the now infamous incident that took place at a Manhattan salon four years ago.

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Two legendary New York rappers DMXand Ja Rule ended a long running feud last night during the 6th Annual DMX and Ja Rule stood together last night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and took pictures with fellow Ludacris and Foxy Brown.

Last night DMX’s manager confirmed that the picture was not just a promotional opportunity, he commented: “He has a new attitude, a new team.

The following year, Brown took part in the rap collective The Firm, appearing on their Dr. A second solo effort, Chyna Doll, appeared in 1998, featuring contributions from Jay-Z, DMX and vocal trio Total.

By this time her popularity was such that the record went straight to #1 -- the first time this had been accomplished by a female rap artist.

Caught up in the machinery of fame, Brown became the center of considerable gossip and controversy over the next couple of years, with a largely media-instigated feud between her and fellow rap artist (and childhood friend) Lil` Kim being brought to a steady boil.

The rapper decided she was unwilling to continue this lifestyle and dropped out of the business for a while, returning to her life as Inga Marchand.

In December 2005, she began suffering from hearing loss, which put her career on hiatus until the next summer, a few months after surgery.

A fourth studio album, which originally was a mixtape, was released in May 2008 following many delays spawned by a jail sentence that Brown served for assault.

She resumed her music career in 2001 with the release of her third record Broken Silence, addressing many of the issues that had come to haunt her public persona. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Trinidadian-American, 75% African descent, 25% Chinese descent.

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