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But yes, season six was when even the less antsy fans, the ones who understand that is in many ways a claustrophobic, interior character study of one flawed man, became disgruntled at the repetition that many now see as, well, repeating with Diana.

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Secondly, Diana (Elizabeth Reaser) appeared in the second half of the final season and so far has been a fairly large presence.

What that does for many viewers is create a sense of panic: There are now only five episodes left characters?!

Taken together — Don doing the same old thing all over again, and with a woman who, by the way, isn't exactly lighting up the screen with her charm and personality — these elements create fear that Diana is a pointless detour at best and a frustrating waste of time at worst.

It's making some viewers check their watch repeatedly as time runs out on this brilliant series.

universe and Don Draper's life in episodes eight and nine of this final season seems to have caused a lot of viewer consternation. First, for some viewers this feels like "Here we go again!

" with Don not just falling back into old patterns (that's giving him credit for actually stopping) but merely perpetuating them, rote, a man who cannot resist the next woman, the next chance at happiness or just something different.

’s last episode aired almost a year ago, it’s hard to separate Jon Hamm from Don Draper.

Not because they share particularly similar personalities or taste in clothes. The square, slicked-back cut Hamm sported when he played Draper on the show was the male equivalent of Jennifer Aniston’s haircut in .

Don pursuing Sylvia was disappointing and frustrating because it the epitome of been-there-done-that with Don and arguably didn't have a believable reason for coming to fruition (if you buy into the idea that Don needs a reason for screwing around and screwing up his life).

If you tumble back through all of Don's women to his most egregious affairs — the ones that changed the course of the series — it was clear from the beginning that Betty was never the right fit.

Unmoored, Don witnesses Megan with his kids being the sweet, natural mother that A) he never had and B) Betty never was and C) Faye couldn't be, and it sets the stage for the surprise (and somewhat shocking) marriage proposal to Megan.

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