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Such attitudes can attack the foundation of even the strongest marriages.

Here are 7 common double standards in marriage and ways to avoid them.

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When an older man dates a younger girl, he’s high-fived.

When an older woman dates a younger man she’s a cougar, like some predatory wild animal that must be tamed. What’s more, when a younger girl dates an older man she can be pegged as a “gold-digger.” Got that? As a feminist, I believe women should have the same rights as a man. Here’s something I learned from dating: the right guy won’t think less of you if you’re more sexually experienced, he won’t call you a nag when you’re being inquisitive, he won’t judge you for your past.

How to Avoid: In general, try to treat the other’s friends well.

Discuss the subject openly, listen, and show grace.

And if you’re a feminist, you’ll give him the same respect.

A friend of mine is married to an elementary school teacher.Early in their marriage, on more than one occasion, he stumbled into the bedroom late without considering his volume.He found out quickly how much that agitated his wife.Another scenario is having disdain for a spouse’s friends while overlooking the imperfections of their own friends.Lastly, one may have strict rules about their spouse having friends of the opposite sex while not applying the same rules to themselves.Double standards and dating go together like loneliness and Tinder, selfies and sadness, Adele and crying.

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