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'I've always had contact with all of my exes and it's always been a comfortable-ish situation.'After meeting Eddie on the red carpet, Stephen said he shook his hand - and it was wet.'It was a little wet. She told of her panic ahead of the gig - and could be seen fluffing her moves during a practice session in front of Pussycat Dolls founder, choreographer Robin Antin. He pretended that he had booked her a job advertising vitamins on her 35th birthday.

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Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were married on New Year’s Day on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia in front of 25 friends and family, their reps tell PEOPLE.

In a sunset ceremony on the beach Tuesday, Edmonds walked barefoot down the aisle to Gladys Knight’s “Makings of You.” The bride wore a custom-designed form-fitting dress by stylist and designer Sugia Nazel and Jill Baracci, designer and owner of Baracci boutique.

And she got annoyed when she was told she could only borrow - not keep - diamonds to wear on the red carpet.

She also lost her temper with a talking alarm clock when it couldn't understand her Northern accent while she tried to set the device.

On 22 June 2007, People reported the results of a court-ordered DNA test, confirming through Brown's publicist that Murphy was indeed the father of Brown's baby.

Murphy then admitted paternity and indicated that he would reimburse Brown for the cost of the pregnancy.Murphy, 46, and Edmonds, 40, originally said they planned to have a legal ceremony in the United States, but that is now off.Murphy and Edmonds started dating in the fall of 2006 and got engaged last July.He said: 'I have a bond with her from the beginning.'They eventually went to the premiere that was held in May.She added: 'When the results of the DNA test came in and Angel was in fact, no surprise, Eddie Murphy's child, I encouraged their relationship from day one.'And I didn't really hear anything for a few years.In the first show she could also be seen shopping for clothes with her stylist Blair, and meeting with her web designer Lindsay because she couldn't work her site.

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