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They said theyd never seen a sillier wedding dancer in their lives. Photos by Laurie Sales Q by Kim: Ive been a hair dresser for a couple of years. This certainly isnt every-day, but its not all that uncommon either. Sometimes I also tell myself that Im pretty and good at making nutella sandwiches, which isnt related to hair, but Im just a believer in speaking kindly to yourself in general. There is a girl I work with who is a ninja at mens cuts, so I ask her what she did with that one guys hairline. Trends come and go, and as long as you want your craft to stay up to date, take classes! Keeping my skills honed definitely helps my confidence. Early on, all I cared about was pleasing the client..whether it was at the salon, at a wedding or out on a shoot. Now, I realize that I attract people who are coming to me because they want me to work my true work on them.

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I look forward to seeing the beautiful gowns, hair and make up more than any other red carpet event of the year. And I would have definitely worn a deep wine colored lip like her to the punk themed ball. I mean Strappy pointy shoes, cut-out dress, up hair. Gwen Stefani, as usual pulls off the perfect balance of rocker and lady-like. This look is so her, which is my favorite thing about her. I remember when Dakota was a little girl, look at what a beauty she grew up to be! Seriously, I want to just try to lift the jacket to see how much it weighs. So when my friend Kristin threw a 20s inspired costume party, I saw nothing but curls and diamonds in my hairs future.

This year, all my favorite looks were people who had their hair up, which is funny because I love long-down hair more than anything else on the planet. Normally I would HATE a heavy chunk of hair randomly pulled out of a bun like above, but shes convinced me to be accepting of it. I started with setting some finger waves in my hair with some Styling Cream by Sacha Juan, and finished off by curling my ends (from the chin down) with this iron before combing them out with my Mason Pearson.

In September I did a little work shooting a TV pilot (cross your fingers!

), this Monday Im shooting 6 Holiday hair how to videos, and next week Im off to South Carolina to teach a class on styling.

I just got home from a glorious trip to France and Italy with a few friends.

We saw beautiful things, ate delicious food and drank the best wine. I brought a curling iron, but the European converters made short work of that.

I opted not to pack a suitcase full of leaky liquids, so I also didnt have much in the hair product category.

I suppose this was my very lowest maintenance trip Ive ever taken (not to mention my luggage was lost the first three days)!

I love being in the salon, but find that getting out for shoots, education or other creative projectskeeps me feeling excited for work and my skills sharpened.

I dont think I could work in an industry that doesnt provide so much variety. But I do hope you have a spooky and exciting Halloween.

On November 3rd, 2013, Ill be running on behalf of a fantastic charity called Crutches 4 Kids.

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