Endpoint protection not updating validating xml schema in net

We did some checking on custom client policies and they had policies that where deployed to these servers with the software updates selection not checked.

The client has changed that customer client policies for their servers and now the servers are all getting definitions.

endpoint protection not updating-59

Endpoint protection not updating

Updating the antimalware definitions in FEP/SCEP fails with error 0x80248014.

Clicking the Update button in the System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection client user interface fails with error 0x8024402c.

So, a quick lesson on how definitions are downloaded.

If someone uses the GUI and manually tries to update the client, that process uses the Windows Update client.

When the endpoint client updates via Config Mgr it using the Software update component piece of the Config Mgr Client.

Our last issue we had to look at is why a large number of servers haven’t had their definitions updated in weeks and months.Learn more about our newest service included in Total Security Suite today!S In my case there were a lot of Bad Mifs which exceeded the size limit, after i removed them, one of my Clients just started downloading some definitions....don't know if this depends from each other..maybe you got similar Problems.I figured out my own problem here and it turned out to be due to the fact that a maintenance window being applied to another collection other than the one the definition updates were being deployed to was preventing the installation of the updates.All I needed to do to fix the problem was change the option on the User Experience tab of the automatic deployment rule relating to allowing software installation outside of maintenance windows.You must allow a minimum of 1 hour to ensure that content for the deployment has time to reach distribution points in your hierarchy.

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