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Benefits encompasses the key concepts and processes you need to manage extensive and highly individual benefits packages for your employees.

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In the SAP command prompt , Enter Transaction PA70You can view all infotypes saved for in SAP HR for a pernr using "Personnel File".

Personnel File stimulates browsing through employees personal data.

The ldb is special type of ABAP program that combines the contents of certain related database tables and retrieve some related data and make it available to application programs.

Alogical database can contain a maximum of 300 tables.

The Employee Self-Service component provides the tools for you to assign users to employees.

Manger’s Desktop helps the manager to make personnel decisions and plan strategically as the personnel data of directly or indirectly subordinate employees and the evaluation of this data is easily accessible.

Fast Entry allows you to create and maintain the same infotype for multiple employees.

It collects data for all required fields into one table in SAP.

The personnel file facility is accessed using the following menu path: Human Resources = The personnel file displays all of the infotypes to which data has been saved for a personnel number.

Infotypes are displayed in ascending numeric order and then sorted by their validity. They all appear after the respective infotypes If several records exist for the same infotype, they are displayed one after another. When it has reached the last infotype for which data exists SAP returns to the initial screen.

You can scroll backwards and forwards through the personnel file by using the Next Record function (or F19) and the Previous Function (or F18).

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