Esha deol dating

She was also an actress and ex wife of rajesh khanna. Both of her daughters were actresses in hindi film industry.

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Indeed, exposing your love life to media is very risky.

This is probably why Sunny did his best to keep his family from media exposure because he loves his family so much he becomes too protective of them.

Her favourite colours are white, black, red, brown and purple. She doesn’t like to spend more money in shopping and clothing.

The most interested movie she ever watched was sholay and rang de basanti. Sunny used to continue his relationship with his co actress even after their shooting period.

All we can know is that their names are Karan and Rajvir. She just simply loves spending time at home, spending quality time with her kids and simply loving Sunny. Her favourite film stars are Jeetendra and Amitabh Bachchan.

Pooja Deol is not connected with any acting or bollywood industry. She also likes to spend her holidays in London and Tokyo.Dimple affair came to an end only after the threatening act of pooja, his legal wife.So no much dreams or expectations in marriage from sunny deol’s side.As it was also a secret, they were happy that there were no distractions.People knew that they got married when the wedding pictures was released, leading fans to ultimate shock.Being the son of a super famous actor, of course he is, too, famous.

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