Fender deluxe reverb silverface dating

Just arrived to the Attic is this AC30CC1 all-tube amp - lighter in weight and much easier to manage than the regular AC30 model.

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We are very pleased to offer a fantastic example of an early D-35 from 1972.

This is one of the early full Indian Rosewood model D-35's with some nice striking wood on the back panels.

You'll have plenty of tonal options with the Normal and Top Boost channels, both with dual inputs.

The genuine spring reverb and tremolo are classic effects.

Immediately upon picking this guitar up one notices that it feels and sounds excellent!

It was well cared for and played by the previous owner, and has seasoned accordingly.

If there are significant flaws we didn't notice and disclose, tell us within 30 days and we'll cheerfully give you your money back. Released by Gibson in 1952, the original ES-295 was a stunning guitar in its gold finish and immediately recognizable.

Epiphone for a short while decided to release a limited number of these guitars in three different finishes.

The two original Oxford 'Fender Special Design' 10 inch speakers sound fantastic and can handle pedals easily.

The genuine spring reverb is lush and the vibrato shakes like it should.

There have been several classic Fender tube amp models in the Attic recently and they've all sold quickly.

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