Firmware updating succeeded

Step 9: Click “Upload File” and wait for the file to be uploaded to your ROCKI Step 10: Once the file has been uploaded you will see a screen saying “Succeed to upload, Effective after restart”.At this point you need to turn your ROCKI unit off and then back on again.Please check the firmware version of your display using Multi Profiler.

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Although firmware should be downloaded to the ROCKI automatically whenever we upload a new version, you’d still need to reboot the ROCKI for it to be installed (ROCKI will tell you it’s installing new firmware, LED will be flashing green during the process).

However, manually installing the firmware ensures you got the latest version. Step 2: Connect your ROCKI Play to power and your audio system, using the cables included in the package.

I'm aware that it's not entirely clear that it succeeded. I have two Hack RFs and one GNU-Radio Flowgraph that produce DRM-Radio Signal. Assuming that Firmware is correct installed, what could be the problem Thanks for help again Hello, Dominicgs!

I can add a line to make it more obvious that it's complete, but we don't know if the write was successful until you reset the device and run the new firmware. I'm aware that it's not entirely clear that it succeeded.

Step 11: Once the ROCKI turns back on you will hear it say “I am upgrading Firmware”. Once the upgrade is complete you will hear your ROCKI say “I have successfully upgraded the firmware”.

Shortly after this, the ROCKI will tell you it has started up again.

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Recently I was looking for a method to do this and found nothing. i Tunes updates the firmware(baseband) after updating the system, so we can prevent i Tunes from updating baseband after the system is updated.

You need to do the following x steps: 1.backup your 5.x shsh blobs 2redsn0w0.9.13dev4, select Extra-DFU IPSW to make a "DFU IPSW" of 6.0 3".zip" to the file, unzip, delete all file that the name contains "" in folder "firmware" 4.create a zip file and rename back to 5the device to DFU mode, open i Tunes, restore i Phone using the new ipsw 6will receive an error during the process, and your phone will enter "Recovery Mode" 7.enter DFU mode again, open redsn0w 0.9.13dev4, click "Select IPSW", select the new IPSW, and click on "Recovery Fix" 8.reboot the phone and you will enter i OS6.

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