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“Before I think it was more of a monologue where ‘I’m gonna tell you and you’re gonna tell me’ as opposed to a true dialogue.That’s what’s happening I think in these shows right now is that the episodic heroes are guys, are having conversations that are a little about politics and religion, are about marriage and divorce and kids, and we get to see this more authentic side of the Fab Five, and it definitely breaks down the walls to allow the dialogue to be more interesting, and quite frankly more heartfelt and powerful.” This proved to be pretty important, given that some of the episodes do feature less-than-likely bedfellows, such as Episode 3’s Cory, a white Trump supporter who [mild spoiler follows] is revealed to be a police officer.

“Heroes.” That’s what executive producer David Collins calls the men being made over in each episode of “Queer Eye.” But it’s hard not to think of Collins himself, along with his new Fab Five, in a heroic context.

The Netflix-fueled return of the series, originally produced by Collins for Bravo in 2003, spotlights the talents of five experts who also happen to be gay — Bobby Berk (Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Tan France (Fashion), Antoni Porowski (Food), and Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming).

Now I’ve made a lifelong friend, and respect police officers in a way I did not before, and also know that not all police officers are bad.

I know that sounds really lame, but those moments, that conversation allowed me to be open and allowed him to open up as well…

“Now we sit in each other’s laps.” Collins sees that more open attitude as a reason why this new Fab Five find themselves able to connect with the “heroes” they’re helping to transform.

“They’re getting to come to the table and create a dialogue,” he said.

Like the original show’s stars, this new group is sent into the homes of strangers to change their lives.

In the Bravo incarnation of the show 15 years ago, the subjects were exclusively straight men living in New York.

Each hero’s story, each hero’s little town he came from or his family came from.

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