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“Other shows might’ve been, ‘It’s a make-better show, you’re gay, just talk about that,'” he added.

“But this show allowed us to have that conversation.

“Being a father of two black boys, I just was scared for my own life and my children’s lives.

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“Heroes.” That’s what executive producer David Collins calls the men being made over in each episode of “Queer Eye.” But it’s hard not to think of Collins himself, along with his new Fab Five, in a heroic context.

The Netflix-fueled return of the series, originally produced by Collins for Bravo in 2003, spotlights the talents of five experts who also happen to be gay — Bobby Berk (Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Tan France (Fashion), Antoni Porowski (Food), and Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming).

“Now we sit in each other’s laps.” Collins sees that more open attitude as a reason why this new Fab Five find themselves able to connect with the “heroes” they’re helping to transform.

“They’re getting to come to the table and create a dialogue,” he said.

But for the Fab Five, their immediate reactions are very real. I was filming in the mirror to see if anything crazy happened,” Van Ness said.

Brown said he appreciated how instructional the depiction of that moment will be for viewers who haven’t been pulled over because of their skin color.

Each hero’s story, each hero’s little town he came from or his family came from.

His background, his politics, his religion all come to the table. A little less deep.” Updating the original 2003 series to reflect the current social and political climate of today’s America was important for Collins, given how much things have changed.

[Now], we get to see that Karamo is a father of two, Tan’s a Muslim man married to a Mormon cowboy.

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