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The dumpee is seldom privy to these inner debates and often a break up can come after a period of really good times together – which only makes the exiting even more challenging and confusing to comprehend for them.“But we were just talking last week about________” – (Insert your response here:- that way to the dumpee, but in the mind of the dumper, as I say, it could have been going on for weeks or even months (or more).

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It hurts like hell when it ends (for both parties), but it’s not a crime to walk away.

It’s not a crime to have someone fall out of love with us – even though it feels like it at the time.

Prince Charles will become the next King of England despite suggestions that the country wants him to stand aside and allow his elder son to take the throne, royal aides have suggested.

It comes after claims that Prince William, 28, has outspokenly defended his father's reputation and insisted Charles should reign before him.

In fact, as harsh as it may sound, for the dumper, D-day can be a relief.

The days, weeks, even months prior to the split may have been much more agonizing for the dumper than a dumpee often realises.

If the Queen enjoys the same longevity as her late mother, who died aged 101 in 2002, Charles will be nearly 80 when he takes the throne. The survey, carried out by Harris, showed that nearly half of those polled – especially women – thought William should be the next monarch. And while the country remains strongly behind the monarchy - just 18 per cent said Britain would be better off without it - nearly half said that tradition should be subverted to allow William to take the throne.

Separate polls, by ICM and You Gov, found that most people believe he would make a better king than his father and think that Prince Charles should stand aside for his son.

But William has defended his father's reputation by saying he does not share Princess Diana's view that he is better suited to kingship than his father.

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