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Then, in the main Adobe Reader screen, click on Rotate Clockwise two times to make the images up-side down. "Free for fun.." Most (if not all) of the images have been derived from royalty-free, royalty- free used-with-permission, personal, and web-found images. Regarded by many to embody the Western Mystery Tradition, this is a black & white deck.

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Downloads sizes (in pixels): website for individual viewing plus information of how they came into the possession of the website owner. Format: jpgs Visit the website to view/download the Individual cards and accompanying text. The 78 cards are both full colour & black white photos. Licence: Author permissions/comments; "Make your own Hollywood cards.

The original (physical) cards were coloured but the ones for download are in very attractive tones of black/white/grey direct from The Marseilles Deck 1896 (Source: Sacred Texts website) These are Greyscale prints of the 22 Marseilles Trump cards from the Tarot of the Bohemians. For fun but NOT for profit, for your own personal home use, don't even think about making any money on these because neither you nor I own the rights to any of these people's names or faces." Mark Elroy. You can download the 22 trumps, more than enough cards to get you started -- for free!

Trionfi favours a solution in which the Mantegna Tarocchi engravings were produced around 1475, in which the engraving artist was the German printer Sweynheim, who engraved after motifs, which were mainly collected from possibly various sources, mainly bought in a book engraving store in Venice by the poet Ludovico Lazzarelli, who before 1475 used partly the same motifs already for 2 manuscript productions in Urbino - in different compositions than the 50-elements-Mantegna-Tarocchi.

Involved in the production were probably persons connected to a later Pope, Pope Sixtus IV.: Vince Cabrera This Tarot deck ...

All the cards have rounded corners and are 4-colour and 16-colour sprites. Cards are free for any non-commercial use: just credit me with the design." NOTE: File download has no extension. This in-progress tarot has whimsical and delightful images of Frogs! A most unusual deck of frogs, but with an 'adult' appeal. But please browse the site for updates, this author may add a permission notice. I hope you have as much fun using these as I did making them!

Author: Dacha Author info and Licence:- The deck "comprises all 52 cards along with black and red Jokers, and blue and red backs. Full 78 card deck with alternate images for 14 cards. The cards have a broad spectrum of images which cover; the unexpected, the everyday, the arresting, the 'cute', the appealing and the thought-provoking. The cards are displayed with four to a picture and can be downloaded by right-clicking each 4-fold picture and choosing 'Save Image As...' from the mouse context menu. It would also be nice (mandatory in fact) to discover the artists real name & accord her due credit! Author/artist comments: " I looked all over the Web for a cool-looking free printable deck of tarot cards and couldn't find a good one. It has taken me 2 years to finally complete all 78 cards...although I still don't consider the deck to be "finished".

If you want to Print the PDF contents please make a note of the following instructions advised by Loretta M Yeo who sussed it out.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ "The PDF file can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper if you use the right print settings.

From Adobe Reader, set it like this: Page Scaling: None Auto-Rotate and Center: Off (no check in box).

This will give you the first page (the single-page cover) and the left half of each of the other pages.

The cardset is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. I have zipped them up for this download, but strongly recommend visiting the website for any further info and possible 'updates' to the deck.

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