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A quick glance at the Mississippi Herald's few days' worth of stories reveals such real-sounding headlines such as 'Legal Challenges Over Mississippi's Death Penalty'.But on closer read, that garbled story about the death penalty sounds like a Wikipedia article run through Google translate: 'One of the state's leading carrot reviewers says the suit isn't went for upsetting capital punishment in Mississippi, just at looking for a superior method for executing individuals.'The viral story about the twins has more polished prose, but curiously ends with a link to the 'Florida Sun Post' for a story (also a hoax) about a man who cut off his own genitals and fed them to an alligator while high on meth.

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The tale of a husband and wife who found out they were twins when they tried to get IVF treatment tricked several major news publications last week, after appearing on a site purporting to be the 'Mississippi Herald' newspaper.

The newspaper website - which only came into existence in November and features mundane local news alongside several outlandish tales - had claimed that the couple were orphaned in a car crash and separately adopted.

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