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To try to keep the bill down, I thought I would go to Target, so off I went.

Upon arriving to the plus size section two elderly female employees were bickering and complaining.

The sign should have read that all Xbox & PS games are buy 2 get 1 Free. I would greatly appreciate it if Target would honor this deal.

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Just then she groaned looking at her co worker as if to say “what, I should hold her hand? As I continued to look around they didn’t realize that I was near them and they began complaining and said that there should only be three sizes, and were complaining that fat people made their job difficult. By the time I finished I was laughing but it really wasn’t funny.

I was excited when I was finally able to find the plus size pants, no thanks to the distracted/disgusted employee. Target fell a few notches in my opinion after this interaction. In December, Target had a promotion that a $10 gift card would be given for purchases of certain items and a certain amount.

i went this year, you sold another hooverboard no warranty. I now want to consume some and was surprised to find that the best before date is “20 Sept 2017”. 15, 2017 and the receipt number is REC#2-7288-1962-0075-0101–2, VCD#759-284-945. Stockers offered to help but if they don’t have stock out for me to purchase I can’t buy it! Plastic molded animals to add to our outdoor nativity scene.

I went to walmart bought plus got a 2 year warranty on it.. that i want fixed or replaced, they never even took it outside.. This store is very disappointing as we are new to the area.

I have always been told to respect my elders and I treat every one like they are my own grandparent but this was so rude and disrespectful. But I won’t be going back to my neighborhood store because, like Patricia, they treated me like a thief for a trivial issue that should have been quickly resolved. However, from beginning to end this order was a disaster.

——————————————————————————- Reply I just got off a chat with Target. And to say they were not helpful would be an understatement. Communication was lousy, a shipping label wasn’t even created until the day you had claimed I would receive the item. Upon opening the box I could see the product box had been re-sealed after having been opened; this was obviously not a factory seal. I got a mail from a strange address and name as “”Jay Briggs” ” and asked me to “CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW: .After browsing for a while, I was able to find some tops that I thought were so cute and couldn’t wait to try them on, but I was still having a difficult time finding pants.I continued to walk around looking, and after 10 minutes I asked the lady if they had plus size pants and she said “If we do they would be over there”, not pointing, not even identifying where there was, but I thought “okay, perhaps she is busy.” and I tried to identify where “there” basically im out of 300, now its been a year, telling me now its been way to long to do anything for me.. Reply I went to Target in Allentown, PA on 11/3/17 to get some Video Games for my kids for Christmas gifts. I picked out 2 Nintendo games & 1 Xbox game & took them up to the register.I noticed that the price was to high when the cashier rung me out.They often work alone and when there is a line it can be stressful.

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