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The thing is the banner is shoved in your face every time you load a page. Overall however, the Ashley Madison Agency seems on to a winner, though, and represents real innovation in the space.

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After logging in, the main options presented are to: open your mail, update your profile, or search for profiles. For each result, you’ll see if the person’s online or not.

There are no bothersome ads, no link to this and that. You have an option to immediately chat with those online, if the person isn’t online you can message her or send her an online gift using credit points, which you purchase—a slightly different model than the subscription one used by most site. Ashley Madison boasts a higher success rate in terms of hookups and affairs instigated than most other sites; the lack of community chat, webcams, and porn may be the main reasons why.

This is a nice, easy website for people looking to hook up locally, particularly if it’s for an extra-marital tryst.

Ashley Madison’s concept is “a dating agency online”. You can remove the “attached” people from your results page, if you are only looking for singles, or you can search for them exclusively, if you’re after the thrill of a fling. You will see the basics elements of the profiles there, such as picture, location, age, what they’re looking for, and their current relationship status.

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Like the site itself, the design is functional, straightforward, and clean – the only thing that bugged me visually was the “100% Affair Guaranteed” banner.

This banner promotes a paid service of the site (it’s an upsell).

When you find someone and contact them you’re almost forced to let them know right away what you’re after.

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