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The site is now 60 pages of pure content, so I've already outdone my past effort on Fallout 3 with plans to write more.

The guide is ever-evolving just like my other projects.

It's fully usable now, but will improve over time as more information is clarified and I learn more about the game. My Terraria Guide focuses on gameplay and how to get specific, desireable items.

My walkthrough portion highlights a lot of little strategies that can help a player progress past the Wall of Flesh, into hard mode, and one day conquer the Moon Lord.

I've currently written guides about: Walkthrough: Repairing the Ship to Leave the First Planet Walkthrough: Traveling to Other Stars in No Man's Sky Ships in No Man's Sky - An overview of all you need to know. Mining in No Man's Sky - Tips and Best Practices for Finding Metals Multi-tool: Mining, Weapons, and Scanners Antimatter, Electron Vapor, Suspension Fluid, and Warp Cell Crafting Atlaspass V1 and the Priest Choices inside Atlas Path Anomalies Finding Atlas Pass V2 and V3 in No Man's Sky Finding Trading Posts using lines from space stations (Trade Routes) How to Buy a Better Ship with more Inventory Inventory Upgrades for the Suit and Ships. Scanning Plants and Animals for Credits Signal Scanners, Beacons, Monoliths, and Finding Crashed Ships Survival: Elements to Carry to Recharge Gear When Exploring Controls for No Man's Sky on Playstation 4 and PC with Xbox Controller Sentinels and Wanted Level 5 (Max) I've been writing on the indie RPG Stardew Valley, beginning with guides to Farming, Fishing, Foraging, Mining, and how you gain skill experience and level up those various skills.

I've also written guides to help you to pick between two Professions at level 5 and 10 in a skill, know the items to keep for Community Center Bundles, teach you to fish, or use bait and tackle.

Money - making money in Terraria Gameplay Tips Getting Wings so that you can fly in Terraria Crafting a Terra Blade Mining in Terraria - general advice for efficiency's sake.

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