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- November 20, 2010 Coming soon to an MP3 near you...I composed this piece over the course of the past few nights, the next movement for the next scene in our "blockbuster movie".

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The music would fit any sort of battle scene from most any blockbuster movie genre; Sci-Fi, Military War, Space Battle...

take your pick :) Hopefully George Lucas will be giving me a call soon I've been using Cakewalk Professional v3.01 for MIDI sequencing and composing since I first bought it back in 1995, and I still use it even today as my primary MIDI sequencer.

The intro included a scrolling text demo with palette-cycled animated graphics, "Tracker" format music, hacker group "Greetz", as well as an ending ANSI/ASCII animated graphics screen. - January 25, 2011 WE NOW HAVE DSL BROADBAND OUT HERE IN THE STICKS!

You can download the original "Tracker" format music file that is used in the intro demo scroller and the video ("OVERDRIV. Due to my ISP change, note that as of January 25, 2011 my primary email address, and my secondary (redirected) web site URL has changed.

Hence, the Cakewalk Pro Audio v8.0 user's guide doesn't cover the older "Faders" view that was included with Cakewalk Professional v3.01...

but, a lot of the other help and information in the guide is still quite useful.

MOD") Here, and download the original scroller demo ("RUNME! My old primary email address was [email protected], and my NEW primary email address is now [email protected]

My old secondary (redirected) web site URL was and my NEW secondary (redirected) web site URL is now (in other words, now currently redirect to Today marks the day, 17 years ago, when the shareware version of DOOM was first uploaded by id Software to the University of Wisconsin's FTP server (well before Al Gore "invented" the Internet)!

It's the next scene after the big-screen battle, and our hero's comrade (the co-star of the movie) has been killed during the fight.

A haunting and melancholy tune (based on the underlying theme of the previous piece) drifts through the air. - November 14, 2010 Threw this one together last night, something completely different... The piece is a blockbuster movie soundtrack sort of thing, and is loosely based on the underlying melody/theme of the score from the movie "Transformers" (hence the title, "X-Formers").

:) Also, another file that you might find handy to download is Professional8

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