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One after another, potential voters gently paw at his chest, encircle their fingers around his wrists, slap his back, snap photos above his head—men and women alike standing close enough to trace the curl of his eyelashes. " to someone on the phone who can't believe his or her aunt/mother/cousin is standing next to Clay Aiken in person.

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________________________________________Aggressive law enforcement stings are on the rise in Fort Myers and Punta Gorda.

Undercover police officers posing as hookers flag down drivers and often entrap men into solicitation situations.

That this is real."Aiken has been the butt of the joke since grade school, where other kids tormented him "like it was their job." He was poor, raised by a single mom, wore glasses and cheap, clunky tennis shoes, had freckles, walked with his toes pointed east and west, was redheaded and clumsy and effeminate.

He was a nesting doll of vulnerabilities, a bully's fever dream, but especially in the South, where the signifiers of masculinity do not stretch to include musical theater or kindness to Down-syndrome kids.

Aiken, thirty-five, adopts a modulated voice of nonthreatening enthusiasm, a technique he likely honed back in his camp-counselor days. The crowd listens intently, with palpable gratitude."If you own a restaurant and there is another restaurant across the street, you don't burn it down. All they do nowadays is try to win by making the other side lose." He concludes with a story about witnessing a Privilege Walk, a psychology exercise in which a group of people line up in the middle of a room, then step forward or backward on the basis of a series of questions."And they say, 'If you are a man, take a step forward. "The reason I'm running is because I want everybody to have the same shot. A white-haired man in a dress shirt and fitted pants pushes toward the exit, mumbling to a friend about twelve-term North Carolina congressman Bill Hefner: "Now, Bill, he'd close his events with a gospel number.

He connected to the people that way." He nods toward Aiken. He oughta use what he got."Back in the car, a piqued Aiken confesses that everybody asks him to sing.

The few Democrats in a population of self-proclaimed "half-backs" (they moved from the North down to Florida to retire, but it was too hot, so they moved halfway back) have gathered at a private home in the planned golf community of Pinehurst, North Carolina, to eat brisket and homemade rugelach and meet their newly elected Democratic nominee for Congress."We're working on it! Up near Chatham." He passes Danny the sticker, which Danny cups as if protecting an egg. You remember to vote for me in November.""Okay," Danny agrees, at last triggering the gate and allowing Aiken to pass through, shouting behind the car as it rolls away, "That's Clay Aiken! " Moments later, Clay Aiken in person enters the fundraiser.

" the host shouts, patting his forehead with a paper towel as he weaves through the forty or so men and women crowded into the house, sweating in brightly colored tunics, polo shirts, khakis with ducks or golf clubs embroidered on them. The guests chat amiably about aquasize and putting technique and who's having what surgery when, their eyes trained on the front door, heads tilting up every time it opens just in case it might be the guest of honor, unaware that a mile down the road, their candidate has been detained at the security gate." Danny takes a step back, holds Aiken's driver's license up to the sun. Aiken roots around his console, grabs a "Republaiken" sticker, scribbles Danny's name and his signature on the back. He was hoping to grab a plate of food, having eaten only a doughnut all day, but before he can step to the buffet, he is immediately swarmed. He tries to focus on the issues but keeps getting interrupted to pose for pictures or say "Hey there!

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