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Significant reductions of lead in products such as gasoline and paints mean that food and drinking water are now the primary sources of lead exposure for average adult populations.

Inhalation can also be an important source for individuals residing in the vicinity of point sources, such as racetracks and airports.

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Comments can be sent to the CDW Secretariat via email at [email protected] All comments must be received before March 15, 2017. Lead exposure and the motor developmental status of urban six-year-old children in the Cincinnati Prospective Study.

If this is not feasible, comments may be sent by mail to the CDW Secretariat, Water and Air Quality Bureau, Health Canada, 3 Floor, 269 Laurier Avenue West, A. Comments received as part of this consultation will be shared with the appropriate CDW member, along with the name and affiliation of their author.

The threshold below which lead is no longer associated with adverse neurodevelopmental effects cannot be identified.

Lead is commonly found in the environment, both naturally and as a result of human activities.

It provides updated data and information related to exposure to lead in Canada, to analytical methods and to treatment approaches available at the municipal and residential scales.

Based on these considerations, the document proposes a MAC of 0.005 mg/L for total lead in drinking water. Effects that have been studied include reduced cognition, increased blood pressure and renal dysfunction in adults, as well as adverse neurodevelopmental and behavioural effects in children. Relative efficiency of fruit extract and ascorbic acid in modifying lead and aluminium-induced sister-chromatid exchanges in mouse bone marrow. The strongest association observed to date is between increased BLLs in children and reductions in intelligence quotient (IQ) scores. Authors who do not want their name and affiliation shared with their CDW member should provide a statement to this effect along with their comments. It should be noted that this guideline technical document will be revised following evaluation of comments received, and a drinking water guideline will be established, if required. The Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water (CDW) has assessed the available information on lead with the intent of updating the drinking water guideline. The developmental consequences of low to moderate prenatal and postnatal lead exposure: intellectual attainment in the Cincinnati Lead Study cohort following school entry.

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