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The disagreement also led to the resignation of the minister of defense and prompted a cabinet reshuffle in March.

Separately, international journalistic coverage of the Panama Papers, which made headlines beginning in April, triggered authorities to launch corruption investigations into Ecuadorian entities mentioned in the leaked documents.

However, the government has a poor record regarding respect for civil liberties, particularly freedom of expression.

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In August, the Ministry of Education declared the dissolution of the National Union of Teachers (UNE), the largest trade association for teachers in the country.

The ministry claimed that UNE had failed to submit all information about its leadership as part of its state registration, and was in violation of regulations for the functioning of social organizations.

At these events we explain in a light-hearted, fun way what sexuality is and how to identify situations of abuse or violence, as well as how to make decisions so that the girls, boys and adolescents of Manabí can make the plans for their lives a reality.

Violence, sexual abuse and discrimination are rife and without attending the project activities, it would have been impossible for fathers such as José, aged 38, from Montecristi, to acknowledge that “a lot of us live with the wrong idea, thinking that the best way for our sons to start their sex life is by taking them to a brothel, without realizing the negative consequences for them”.

Tensions between the presidency and the military surfaced in February, when Correa dismissed the military high command amid allegations that the Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces had overcharged the Ministry of the Environment in a land deal.

Correa announced plans to withhold the overpaid sum, sparking popular protests over concerns about the impact on military pensions.Ecuador’s civil liberties rating declined from 3 to 4 due to the government’s decision to order the closure of a major teachers’ union as well as regulatory actions and legislation that threatened the sustainability of two graduate universities.Ecuador transitioned to democracy from a military regime in 1979, and since then has experienced the ouster of three presidents under popular or military pressure.The legislation, which affects two graduate universities in particular, followed vocal criticism of public funding for such institutions by Correa.The government has increasingly cracked down on social media and other internet activity in recent years, leading some online outlets to disable public comment sections out of fear of reprisal.The local press watchdog Fundamedios reported that in 2016, officials continued monitoring speech on the social-media platform Twitter and filing complaints against accounts that are critical of the Correa administration.

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