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The village of Simpson Bay with adjacent neighborhoods is ready to receive visitors with a number of resorts accepting reservations now! Isola Authentic Italian Restaurant Enjoy the gentle Caribbean evening breeze on the open terrasse of Isola Ristorante Italiano while dining on authentic Italian cuisine.

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Each week, Yahoo Travel pits rival cities against each other to determine once and for all which destination is the best.

This week, the challengers are two halves of the same island: Saint Martin.  Saint Martin is known as “the friendly island,” a Caribbean paradise amiably split between the French side (Saint Martin) and the Dutch side (Sint Maarten) since 1648.

Both the French and the Dutch are convinced that their portion of the island is really the best place to visit, live, and play. The laid-back area of Grand Case features fine French dining at L’Auberge Gourmande and the French-Caribbean fusion of Bistrot Caraïbes, while larger Marigot is lined with restaurants along the waterfront, featuring their own versions of a bouillabaisse with fresh fish.

So here’s a smackdown of what each side of Saint Martin would say about each other if they weren’t quite so friendly. But it’s not just about French cooking: Saint Martin is full of lolos, the open air eateries in the style of neighborhood barbecues where you can chomp on grilled spare ribs and Caribbean specialties on paper plates on communal tables — so throw out your misconceptions that the French side is all about snobbery and unapproachable haute cuisine." data-reactid="59"Food: Saint Martin is a French colony, and as such, it has a dedication to quality cuisine.

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