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It's designed to cut down on the electricity bills.You've cornered the World market on broken lawnmower engines - what's your partner doing now, is he buying second-hand pedalos?

Now the zoo keeper happens to be a very attractive woman, so before you know where you are, old Charlton is giving the sort what for, so that's your romantic interest!

A rhinoceros has escaped from a zoo, there are 300 dead bodies covered in rhinoceros footprints, there's a lock-up garage two and a half foot deep in rhinoceros crap, and Charlton Heston suspects the butler!

I hoped for - hairs, hoped I'd do well in my exams, I even hoped for a good job when I left school.

We were looking forward and all we could see in front of us was a big wide highway and we were just cruising like we were in a Rolls-Royce.

And the most frightening aspect of the whole mystery - no-one knows why!

You said "Leave it to me Boycie, I gotta contact at Wimbledon."Del: Yeah, but only since he got the sack from World Of Leather.

A couple of years ago, some guru reckoned the world would end within a month, and Danny Driscoll bet a grand that it would!

Rodney: Well why don't you do that small thing Derek?

Do you remember when we were kids and we used to go over the pond and play at pirates.

He will fire me, she will divorce me, (to Uncle Albert) And it's all your fault!

So, they get hold of this private detective, you know, like a sort of Charlton Heston type geezer to try and solve the crime.

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