Free sexy text chatting without registeration

From a sea of plugins, few drops include Facebook Chat, Campfire, Heroes of Newerth, Ok Cupid, Skype, Tor Chat, Whats App, Pidgin-Encryption, Alerts, Smart Ear, Pilt Spotify and much more.Digsby is a free Windows instant messaging program client that puts IM, Email and Social networks in a single interface.

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Furthermore, you can transfer files without IM restrictions along with full encryption of messages and files sent.

You can also check out Miranda is another open-source instant messaging program client in this list that is very tiny but very robust in features.

It supports IM services like Google Talk, Jabber, Facebook Chat, MSN, AOL, Mobile Me, Yahoo!

, Bonjour and many other conventional instant messaging services for the desktop.

It’s simple and fast to manage multiple instant messaging program or messenger apps on a Smartphone, but same can’t be said about a PC.

That is why there are many free instant messaging program clients available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux to manage multiple instant messenger services in an easy way.

Adium is an open-source instant messaging program client for Mac OS X that has a beautiful interface and reliable features.

It is not as robust as Pidgin when it comes to features, but it is definitely worth a look for Mac OS X users.

Additionally, it has a unique Game chat feature that lets you talk with other people while playing a full-screen play.

Its other features include multi tabs conversation, Hundreds of Emoticons, History on Desktop clients, built-in Spellcheck and many social media features.

However, its support possibility is almost limitless, thanks to its support for official and third-party plugins.

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