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Price: I’m asking total within the USA, or plus shipping to any country outside the USA. Note: If these are the perfect shorts for you but the asking price is too high, message me anyway - we can try to work something out. I would also love it if you could cover shipping, so preferably in the US so it’s not too expensive. M black half I owned for a little over a year, some of the hems are a bit worn, but it still binds well. (the color doesn’t match my skin too well)message me @ astorytosavour.if you’re interested or want more information. ) duck boots with faux fur sherpa like lining to keep warm. A little dirty but noting that a simple clean can’t undo. CONTACT INFORMATION - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.

Contact: Please contact me via Tumblr direct messaging, via: arnirien. (i don’t fit M anymore)M black tank I owned for a little under a year. Feel free to message me questions (bettydeadshirmpeyes.tumblr.com)! How much do you expect shipping and handling to cost? YOUR POST WILL NOT BE POSTED IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A WAY FOR PEOPLE TO CONTACT YOU. Only two of us run this blog and we both work full time and/or are in school/have lives outside of tumblr.

That means no power saws, no sanding, no saw dust, no smelly stain, NO MESS!

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I probably can't use their insurance since it will show that it's been used for something, right?

So does anyone have an estimate of how much T would cost without insurance?

That’s the cheapest murphy bed available, not to mention its modern elegance.

And the best part is that it is so easy to build, all you will need is a power drill.

I want to get it done during July and I don't know if that is possible.

If you know anything about their waiting times now, that would really help me.

In pretty good condition, binds amazing just doesn’t fit me. Asking for I have a Large Olive green tank binder that’s too big for me from GC2B For trade for I am looking for a medium binder of any color EXCEPT blue or red from Underworks or GC2B Preferences (but not what I’ll only accept): An underworks tank that’s a gray, white, or black @jack-aff I realize a lot of people are on mobile and our pages do not show up on mobile, so here is a guideline of how to submit items you have to exchange or sell: PICTURES - Please provide images of the items you are offering! This can be your ask box link, username & link, or EMAIL. TAGS - Tag your item so people can search for it easier please!

DESCRIPTION - Each item should have a description including size, brand if possible (as sizes vary), and how “worn” it is.

) We won’t spoil it here in case you want to play for yourself in the Steam Workshop 😛 Huge thanks to everyone who participated, and if you enjoyed this contest or have any feedback let us know!

We’d love to do similar events in the future 🙂 Still haven’t yet played Yeah Jam Fury: UME?

It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks judging your submissions, and we’re finally ready to announce the winners of our Stage Builder Contest for Yeah Jam Fury! This gnarly award goes to Drarky’s stage named “I miss the old pogo SFX” (sorry dude, perhaps a future DLC? This stage pushed our coordination skills to the limits by requiring extremely precise reaction time and control. After calming down and thinking critically about the situation we managed to finally snag that mango. All three winners of these categories will be receiving a 0 Amazon e Gift Card, a Steam Key for the game, copies of our soundtracks, as well as this poster of a real mango: Mango Poster Congratulations you three!

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