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Rossomanno has a long face and bags under his eyes that give him the melancholy expression of a cartoon hound dog. This is an order to disperse." He warns that those who linger are subject to arrest.

As he sits in the SUV, he alternates between speaking into his radio and holding up his phone to film the protesters. He threatens to deploy "chemical munitions." This is a big part of how Rossomanno earned his nickname. The reminders that arrests, pepper spray or worse are subject to his whims.

"Right now, we have every legal right to start snatching people," he says. No protester has thrown anything or broken any windows.

Louis police Sergeant Brian Rossomanno is known as an expert tactician, but tonight he has been outflanked. "When they did what they did, they called it 'kettling,'" Franks says over a bullhorn.

The cop nicknamed "Riot King" is surrounded — kettled, you might say — by a group of protesters bearing down on his SUV. "They said they 'kettled' them." The kinetic 33-year-old lawmaker has been on the front lines of the protests every day since September 15, when a white ex-St.

He starts by working his way to the driver's side window of the Tahoe, making himself a human barrier between the crowd and Rossomanno while he quietly explains to protesters that they have put him in a bad position by surrounding a police vehicle.

But as Jemerson works to de-escalate, there is a new antagonism from the east.

Now that he's no longer boxed in, he opens his car door and calls out to Franks. Franks, you're wanted for assault on a law enforcement officer," he says. Rossomanno, now with a small army surrounding him, chats with an elderly woman at the edge of the street.

He has apparently abandoned the assault claim against Franks and is telling the woman just how lenient he has been.As long as the demonstrations are non-violent, as tonight's has been, the idea is to maintain enough distance to avoid needless confrontations. A stoic professional, he joined the department in November 1997 as part of the same class as Rossomanno and is also a SWAT leader and tactics instructor.Rossomanno, however, remained defiantly in the middle of the street as the crowd approached. He sits cocooned behind the wheel, working his radio and awaiting backup. But where protesters have come to see his counterpart as temperamental and vindictive, Jemerson is respected as a calming influence.For the next twelve minutes or so, the crowd is in the officer's face, shouting at him from all sides.A woman holds a sign in front of his windshield that says "My Son Matters" above a "Black Lives Matter" hashtag. " Riot King holds the loudspeaker mic in front of his mouth and begins what has become a familiar refrain: "This is an unlawful assembly.(The city’s population in 1995 was about 50,000 more than what it is today.)The total excludes homicides ruled justified, such as cases of self-defense, and fatal police shootings.

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