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‘If I might be so bold,’ said he again, waiting leave to speak.

Jeremy bowed in deference to his white, uncovered head. ‘What that gentleman’ (alluding to my last speech) ‘has just now said, brings to my mind one who is dead and gone this many a year ago.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that YOUR sense of humor is a part who you are.

She will get to know you by getting to know your sense of humor.

‘I was so full of scorn at his cowardliness, that I was vexed I’d given him the second chance, and I joined in the yell that was set up, twice as bad as before.

He stood it out, his teeth set, and looking very white, and when we were silent for want of breath, he said out loud, but in a hoarse voice, quite different from his own – ‘“I cannot fight, because I think it is wrong to quarrel, and use violence.” ‘Then he turned to go away; I were so beside myself with scorn and hate, that I called out, – ‘“Tell truth, lad, at least; if thou dare not fight, dunnot go and tell a lie about it.

’ said Jeremy, standing up until the old man was seated. ‘It will be forty-five year come Martinmas,’ said the Sexton, sitting down on a grassy mound at our feet, ‘since I finished my ‘prenticeship, and settled down at Lindal.

You can see Lindal, sir, at evenings and mornings across the bay; a little to the right of Grange; at least, I used to see it, many a time and oft, afore my sight grew so dark: and I have spent many a quarter of an hour a-gazing at it far away, and thinking of the days I lived there, till the tears came so thick to my eyes, I could gaze no longer.Mother’s moppet is afraid of a black eye, pretty dear.It shannot be hurt, but it munnot tell lies.” ‘Well, they laughed, but I could not laugh.Such a yell as the Lindal lads, who were watching us, set up! I could na’ help but feel sorry for him, to be so scorned, and I thought he’d not rightly taken my meaning, and I’d give him another chance; so I said it again, and dared him, as plain as words could speak, to fight out the quarrel.He told me then, he had no quarrel against me; that he might have said something to put me up; he did not know that he had, but that if he had, he asked pardon; but that he would not fight no-how.I were startled myself when I first found what a set I were among, but soon I began to fall into their ways, and I ended by being as rough a chap as any on ’em.

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