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It is good that on your behalf you made the best book review but if other doesn’t like it then it is not a good book review. Spelling and grammar: Finally, you should check your grammar and spelling mistake you did in the book review.

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How to write a book review: A book review is basically an evaluation and description of the book.

To make a review about a book, you need to make your own observations about the book.

Try to know that what your book is all about and what is its theme of story. Know the background of author because that may be asked you in the question and answer session.: Take pen and copy, start writing the main points of the book.

You need to make note of all the important aspects of the book.

Here are some tips given below to write a books review.

You may be given book at different stages of your academics.So it depends upon the stage that which book you should choose to write a book review.If you are at college level then you must choose a book that creates an interest of all the young age guys.If he/she has not given you any structure then follow the structure given below.Ask others to read it: You cannot make a great book review if you are not asking other to read it.Look who was the specific character in the book.: A specific structure or format is given by the class teacher to write the review.

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