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"These so-called psychological counseling centers have made use of the fear of homosexuals, who suffer discrimination, to get money illegally," he said.

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Located next door to H42 gay sauna, at 42 Xingfu Road, Changning District, Happiness 42 is a little difficult to find at first; just walk down the large alley to the left of the ICBC and you're there.

Also in the French Concession area, the cool, sexy former Transit Lounge (141 Tai An Rd., near Hua Shan Rd.) has soft lighting, designer furnishings, and trance-inducing music.

According to Xiao, the one-hour therapy session included hypnosis and electric shock treatment. In August, Xiao filed a lawsuit demanding an apology and compensation from the center and from Baidu.

The counselor first hypnotized him by asking him to imagine a gay sex scenario, and then administered an electric shock to his genitals when he reached orgasm. China removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in April 2001.

The intimate yet spacious spot is the place to have a get-to-know-you conversation or hold a private birthday party.

Lollipop has first-rate drinks, capped off by the signature Lollipop cocktail.

In the not terribly distant future, we'll be talking about the Shanghai club scene the way we discuss the nightlife in Sydney, London, San Francisco, or any other international metropolis of note. But for now, Shanghai has but a handful of gay hangouts, a small representation for a city its size.

That said, the city's bar and club offerings have improved immensely since just 2006.

It's a small gay bar that used to attract Shanghai's creative crowd, but these days there's a good mix of locals, expats, and visitors.

The friendly staff will look after you as you enjoy great drinks, light food at the café-restaurant, DJ music, dancing, and go-go and cabaret shows.

Events include theme nights, live bands, comedy shows, art exhibitions, and more.

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