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It never works, a leopard don't change it colors =). this degree of disregard is like adding insult to injury=)I am more confused as to why you keep responding to reinforce her communication more that why she keeps contacting you.

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in that she is playing games or testing your emotions.

If she wants back, after you were born and aborted, are you prepared to continually cater?

This way all your attention will be directed towards his right hand. Because he is looking at his right hand, that’s where you naturally focus your attention to as well.

And the moment you look at his right hand, the “trick” is done with his left hand.

why are you reinforcing her indecisiveness by responding at all?

Why are you responding back at all is my question unless you want to jump back in the fire? She keeps contacting you because a) its a cat and mouse game she is enticed by your impartiality, worse yet attracted by itb) she has some reservations about her decisions and wants to get back, hence the pet's namec) both a and b in that she is confused, or uncaringly wastes time and energies that would be by far better spent responding to some one who will be there anxiously than so passively at best...

The whole idea is for the person who use these mixed signals to confuse and manipulate another person’s mind. This is where you intentionally let your subject focus on certain areas so you can do something else in another area without your subject realizing it.

For example, magicians like to turn his head towards his right hand and start talking about his right hand and moving it, while discreetly hiding or bringing an object out using his left hand.

And when he re-emerges with his left hand with some other object, you become amazed because it seems like “magic” to you.

But had you focused on his left hand from the start, you would notice that he had quickly moved his hand to grab an object for the trick.

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