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” He obviously didn’t want to answer, but finally he gave me a “Yeah.” “And what do you do? “Copy me.” I rubbed my boob with the palm of my hand. I pushed on his head again and he kissed my stomach. “Harder,” I demanded, “lick me harder.” Then, on his own, he pushed a finger inside me.

My lips touched his and my breasts brushed against him, surprising me with how sensitive my nipples were. “Chad,” I said, trying to sound at least a little like a mom, “have other women done that for you? He licked them completely and paused from time to time to suck my nipples. Each time he found it, I felt a throb through my cunt and I jerked my hips.

His cock tried to find my hole and, although reasonably sure this was a bad idea, I took hold of his cock and guided him inside me.

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” His answering grunt sounded positive, so I pumped his cock a little faster and moved my other hand down to cup his balls. I pulled my head back, pumped him with a little extra squeezing. I continued my hand magic and he continued to come . I used a hand to wipe his come against his body, so it wouldn’t drip on the carpet. I began to wonder if I should let him come inside me when he slammed even deeper and yelled out, “Oh, my god, oh, my god.” And he pushed me into the sofa with each spurt. When his cock fell out, I felt warm come flow down my butt. “See,” I said softly, “I told you, you’re old enough for boobs.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Second Time is the Charm?

” He pushed his cock at me, but this wasn’t my first rodeo. an impressive load, streaming over his belly and down his side. I fell back, filled with the release of it, and the joy. “Slow down a little, baby.” He slowed down for two strokes and then resumed his hard thrusts. Finally, both of us finally finished, he lay on top and I held him against my breasts.

I think you’re old enough to look at boobs.” He could have overpowered me, of course, but he leaned back to watch, avoiding looking at me. My fingers grazed the sides of his cock, which had begun to push against his jammies. I leaned over, my breasts pressing against him through my own thin pajamas. I rushed back and slowly cleaned the come from his skin. Straddling his legs, washing him like this, a surge of warmth swept through me, part love and an unreasonable lust. He snapped his head back and there wasn’t time to explain.

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