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And the elevation of independence over coupling (“I wasn’t ready to settle down”) is a second-wave feminist idea I’d acquired from my mother, who had embraced it, in part, I suspect, to correct for her own choices.

In temples waterspouts were installed, enabling the water to flow off.

1.16(a)(3) [Representation Following Discharge], I. The records team is responsible for maintaining, updating, and ensuring the quality of the statewide motor vehicle crash database.

The program team is responsible for administering Idaho’s Federal highway safety funds and analyzing and disseminating the crash data.

The crenellated wall facing the street often had only one opening, the door, though windows might be let into the upper storey walls.

Windows were small and covered with shutters or mats in order to keep out the flies, dust, and heat.

Similar measures were probably taken to protect private houses.

Many people slept on the roof during the summer to keep cool.

The mansions of the powerful were palatial, even if they were built of the same materials as the dwellings of the commoners.

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