Ground rules for teenage dating

When your adorable little one grows into a teenager, parenting ceases to be fun. Smart parents, like you, try to find ways to have peace at home.They choose the secret weapon called ‘house rules for teens’. And, so, we have also come up with some tips to make your teen stick to the house rules.Where parents and teens tend to disagree is the method of getting to that wedding day.

Whether it is experimenting with alcohol, drugs, driving fast, going out at odd hours or meeting new people, a teen can get carried away and indulge in reckless behavior.

But with these five rules, you can let your teenager experiment with his independence, but in a safe and responsible manner.

This is one of the most difficult and often overlooked steps by parents, yet it is one of the most important parts of leading your Christian teen down the right path.

While neither one of you may feel totally comfortable talking about dating, sex, temptation, or feelings, it is important that your teen understands your perspective.

They believe that Christian teens should date responsibly and not just date for the sake of dating.

Knowing where you fall in the spectrum will help you set rules later.

Mom Junction helps you in coming up with rules on various matters such as your teen’s safety, his health habits, ethics and morality, and of course some limits on dating too. Children long for freedom and independence in their teenage.

They need liberty to explore life, discover themselves and transition into adulthood smoothly.

Many parents of Christian teens feel some anxiety when their teen goes off on a first date. If you trust your teen to date, then you need to let go a little bit. If it helps, offer your teenager a cell phone so he or she can call you if needed.

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