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If the stones have already moved from the gallbladder to the bile duct they can be located using an endoscope (a form of telescope) in the gut, with an attached instrument to break down and remove the stones. Removing large stones usually involves removing the gallbladder too.

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Though settled in 1692, Chester is a bit Auntie Mame, with her “life is a banquet” feel to it—as if it’s constantly on the verge of something happening, which is pretty much true.

This colorful 19th-century village, entwined with the rushing Pattaconk Brook, hosts a full dance card of high-spirited events to keep its 4,000 residents entertained: Winter Carnivale, Memorial Day and Halloween parades, a colorful Sunday farmers’ market, the Fourth of July Road Race, August’s Chester Fair (since 1877), and even a townwide tag sale in May. Wide sidewalks meander past notable restaurants and galleries, with plenty of room to accommodate baby strollers—a walking town that “draws creative people,” according to one shopkeeper, and a “great town for kids and dogs,” says another. Beginning April 1, the 1769 Chester–Hadlyme Ferry runs passengers over to eccentric Gillette Castle, dribbled onto its cliff like an oversized sandcastle. Pattaconk Brook ducks under Main Street, threading its way through the village, a reminder of the waterpower crucial to its mill history.

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Because if you do, you’ll experience a parade of creative chefery as well as gain a good sense of what the locals are growing.

Restaurant L&E, wrapped in coppery warmth, serves contemporary French in its intimate downstairs dining room; upstairs, its sister, The Good Elephant, melds Vietnamese with French.

Patients may develop one large stone or a lot of tiny ones. ‘You can get gallstones at any age, but your chances increase as you get older due to increased cholesterol levels,’ explains Anton Emmanuel, a gastroenterologist at University College Hospital in London.

‘Women are more at risk than men due to having too much oestrogen in the body.

Both Connecticut River Artisans and Maple & Main highlight the work of Connecticut artists.

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