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Lawmakers claim the current felony charge for the crime is ‘discriminatory.’ The measure, which was approved by the state Senate on 11 September 2017, does indeed reduce the penalties for HIV-positive people who knowingly expose others to the virus or donate blood.

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SB 239 will make it more likely that people will get tested for HIV and seek treatment, by removing stigma.

Criminalizing health conditions harms public health. Criminalizing HIV makes it less likely people will get tested.

It was also a felony for an HIV-positive person to knowingly “donate blood, tissue, or, under specified circumstances, semen or breast milk.” Democratic state Sen.

Scott Wiener, who introduced the bill, told us in an e-mail on 18 September 2017: Sexual assault will remain a felony, regardless of HIV status.

Moss (director of its HIV STD Section) wrote: Wiener and the bill’s sponsor in the Assembly, Democratic lawmaker Todd Gloria, said in a statement that the bill is supported by several LGBTQ and HIV-related advocacy groups, including the Center for HIV Law & Policy, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation among others. Moore, said in a March 2017 post for the group HIV Equal that the bill should be revised.

In his piece, Moore reveals that a partner infected him with the virus after lying to him about testing negative.

Johnson was a 2010 state high school wrestling champion in Indiana.

Before Lindenwood University, he wrestled at Lincoln College in Illinois and was a junior college All-American and national champion while there.

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