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' Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy thought about his answer at first in an effort to not be too 'gossipy' but then revealed that there was possible 'loss of virginity' in the USA Olympic Village at the last Winter Games. Some athletes like Amy Purdy and Evan Strong of the Paralympic snowboarding team and claimed ignorance entirely, with Evan branding himself 'a square'. 'And it was the best place to go because everybody on it was just a bunch of hot babe Olympians.'With nearly 3,000 athletes taking part in this year's Games, the number of condoms distributed equates to an average of 37.6 per sportsman and sportswoman - they will be made available to all participants at both men's and women's toilets in the Villages.

A number of other athletes were considerably more cagey as they head to the Games in serious relationships. Luge athlete Chris Mazdzer, on the other hand, seemed to already know all the tricks, saying: 'Use your phone. 'Baskets with condoms will be placed at both men's and women's toilets at athletes' villages in Pyeongchang and Gangneung, the main press center, the media village as well as medical centers, the organizers said.

Chief prosecutor Stephen Sedensky confirmed that Lanza killed all 26 victims inside Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle before taking his own life with a Glock 10 mm handgun.

Upon entering the school, the police documents state that law officials discovered, 'numerous school children and school personnel located deceased from apparent gunshot wounds in the first three classrooms off the main hallway, adjacent to the school's front entrance'.

Of course, none of them were willing to dish on the specifics of their own personal hook-ups, but neither could they deny the obvious.'It happens! 'Figure skater Adam Rippon credited some of the hook-up culture down to the condoms themselves, saying that people couldn't resist taking the 'condoms with Olympic rings on them' and cheekily suggesting that many others would like do the same thing if given the chance.

Incredibly good-looking [athletes], perfect bodies, tight Spandex. Alpine skier Steve Nyman, meanwhile, blamed the cold weather: 'It's the Winter Olympics, it's cold, and you need to snuggle! ' said a blushing Mirai Nagasu, one of the members of the figure skating team. ''My last Olympics was when I first learned about Tinder,' admitted snowboarder Jamie Anderson.

When asked his gender on a student background information form, Lanza wrote 'I choose not to answer.' Students and teacher who remember him from his WCSU days recall that he was very quiet and struggled to mix with the other students although that was largely attributed at the time to him being younger than them.

He earned a 3.26 grade point average while there, but WCSU after less than a year in 2009, he then attended a community college, but also left that school after a year.

Eventually, he worked at a part-time job for a while repairing computers, but that job ended when the business shut down.

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