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They use this link to open the secure channel in the user's app (right)But commentators are sceptical about whether the tool will be used for soul searching and 'honest hellos', instead of trolling friends, with some saying they it would feel strange using a deceptive tool against people they know.

The Cloakd app (pictured left) is designed to let people find out what their Facebook friends really think about them, using a cloak of anonymity.

What works for one couple is uncomfortable for the next. Don't opt for controlling because of fear, aim for understanding.

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If he isn't hiding and is willing to show you his phone whenever, then it sounds like it's just chat.

It's a fine line, but a line that every couple has to figure out for their own relationship.

The workers have been duped," AIRF general secretary Shiv Gopal Mishra said.

In the budget, Rs 314.24 crore has been earmarked for amenities for The association also criticised the government's move towards fixed-term employment, stating that this policy would be used to easily fire workers and was against procedures and international labour norms.

Once the app is installed, seven 'channels' become available (left), which are used to chat with up to seven other users.

When a channel is tapped, it gives the user the option to give it an email address, to which it sends an invite with a link attached.

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