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Make Up (Ashley Donovan), Hair (Hailey Adickes) - suit and wearing a cute curled-out bob.

The sun is always shining for country music singer Cam, who opted for her signature dazzling yellow once again leading us down her yellow brick road.

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The Sensaphonics active ambient approach is sonically superior, more technologically advanced and, from a hearing perspective, can be used more safely than any passive ambience system.

Passive systems access ambient sound by drilling holes (“ports”) in the earpieces, offering little if any control and compromising the primary benefit of in-ear monitoring: isolation from unwanted sound.

The 3D Active Ambient presents the monitor mix in its full, accurate glory through custom-fit soft silicone earphones with proprietary Sensaphonics drivers.

A beltpack mixer allows the user to control the level of ambience added to the monitor mix while also providing easy access to full ambient sound, as if wearing no earpieces at all.

But her style isn’t the only thing making Bella come off as a NYFW veteran.

Just like another famous fashionista named Bella Hadid, Bella T.

3D VERSATILITY When we say the 3D is versatile, we mean it.

The original design concept of the system was to overcome the negative aspects of IEM isolation, such as not hearing one’s instrument acoustically and communications issues on stage.

Bella’s been living it up in the big apple as she shows of her unconventional candid poses.

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