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riderio 06/16/2016 1 year ago kiss Cheeky monkey...

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Get off your computer Core girl Knowing that Samantha Ricks girl, she wrote this article during Core lecture.

chatroulette user I started using chatroulette in december and couldn’t understand why so few people were online (the VAST majority being people wanting to show off their genitals (jon lajoie anyone?

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Is doggy style love it a good place to go shopping?

Vrckava, prava mala zlockica, kazu da sam slatka kao cokolada….

“I’ve just heard that it’s really freaky,” says Gillian Rich (COM’11).“I don’t want to go anywhere near it.” Choi and Ricks say students shouldn’t let Chatroulette’s naughty reputation scare them away.

It's all clean now turn off the light As you wish!

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