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(thanks to God for his blessings) The priest asks the Great Spirit for a long and happy life for the couple.

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Thanks to the Cherokee Master artist Dorothy Sullivan for allow me to use her wonderful illustration.

"Cherokee wedding son" You can look at more samples of her art at information has been extracted from the book "The Cherokee People, The Story of the Cherokee from Earliest Origins to Contemporary Times" by Thomas E.

A priest could not marry a widow, a woman who had been divorced by her husband or a woman of bad character.

The marriage of a priest was attended by special ceremonies, and his wife must be approved by his seven counselors. Great honor was attached to her person, and when her husband died, she in some respects filled his place until his successor was consecrated.

Adultery brought disgrace to the offenders; if adultery was proven against a wife, all her possessions were taken away and she was turned out of the house.

When separations were mutually agreed upon and the blanket was divided, the couple's possessions were equally divided, and the children went with the mother.

It was accepted as a contract for life, and if either person forsook the other, the one who did it so was usually publicly whipped by a town official, and the wife had her hair cropped by the women of the town.

In a third manner of proposal and marriage, the young man relayed his desire through a female relative who conferred with the mother of the girl.

Mails Courting and proposal Members of the same clan were considered to be near relatives who were not allowed to intermarry.

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