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Thanks to the Cherokee Master artist Dorothy Sullivan for allow me to use her wonderful illustration.

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If the mother said no, she asked her brother or her oldest son to tell the female relative the news.

If the mother consented, the young man was permitted to share the bed of the girl he wanted.

A priest could not marry a widow, a woman who had been divorced by her husband or a woman of bad character.

The marriage of a priest was attended by special ceremonies, and his wife must be approved by his seven counselors. Great honor was attached to her person, and when her husband died, she in some respects filled his place until his successor was consecrated.

the bedrock of civilization) The priest stands, facing the east, toward the door of the council house ( groom on one side, bride on the other) The groom’s mother stands beside the groom.

(children belong to the mother, and her family) She holds the gifts of venison and a blanket (food and a warm bed for his wife - symbols of his ability to support her) The brides mother stands beside the bride.

Painting "Cherokee Wedding Song" by Cherokee master artist Dorothy Sullivan limited edition prints available Circle Studio, Inc p.o. 73070 (405) 360-0751 A priest escorts the groom to one end of the open space in the council house (north or south) A priest escorts the bride to the opposite end of the space.

The couple meet at the center, near the sacred fire ( the sacred fire is the gift of light, knowledge, heat ...

Mails Courting and proposal Members of the same clan were considered to be near relatives who were not allowed to intermarry.

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