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"We are making an appeal to the leaders of the Farc not to kill them, to liberate the remaining hostages and to not sacrifice their own men." Ms Betancourt's family had urged Colombian authorities not to attempt to free her by force, for fear of putting her life in danger, despite her deteriorating health.

There had been grave fears for Ms Betancourt's health.

Colombia’s daily El Tiempo in an article about Betancourt’s separation mentions her relation with Luis Eladio Pérez in the jungle.

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Her son and daughter sent messages of support to her via Colombian radio, which she is believed to have heard, but been unable to respond to.

"I am filled with happiness," Ms Betancourt's sister, Astrid, told Colombian radio.

They claimed they had orders to fly the hostages by helicopter to a camp to meet with rebel leader Alfonso Cano.

"The helicopters, which in reality were from the army, picked up the hostages in Guaviare and flew them to freedom," Juan Manuel Santos, the defence minister, said.

The Colombian senator and presidential candidate was a vociferous critic of Farc when she was kidnapped near Florencia, 370 miles south of Bogota, in February 2002.

The rebels' prize hostage, Ms Betancourt spent six years being moved between jungle camps, making the task of rescuing her difficult. In March the legendary founder and leader of the guerrilla army, Manuel Marulanda died and two other members of Farc's Secretariat were killed.Colombian security forces rescued the French-Colombian politician, 11 Colombian police and three US intelligence operatives in an operation in the eastern jungle province of Guaviare which saw the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) lose their negotiating trump cards."We have infiltrated the Secretariat (Farc's ruling seven-man body) and military intelligence gave us the location of the hostages," said Gen Padilla as he pointed on a map to the remote area of Tomachipan in Guaviare, where the hostages were found."These have been long years of waiting." France sent a mission to Colombia in April in an attempt to provide Ms Betancourt with medical treatment, but negotiations with rebels broke down.French president Nicolas Sarkozy thanked his Colombian counterpart and called on the rebels to end their "absurd" struggle.Ingrid is going to seperate from her husband Jean Carlos Lecompte and Clara is finishing her book about six years captivity in the FARC.

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