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It is called anal pecten, or also - due to its light color - zona alba.

It ends at the anocutaneous linem which also represents the caudal delimitation of the anal canal.

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It is around 2-4 cm long, is framed by the pelvic floor and therefore has no peritoneal cover.

In closed state, it presents as longitudinal slit running in anterio-posterior direction.

Investigators are stunned to discover that sixteen years ago, Michael Peterson's good friend Liz Ratliff also died at the bottom of a staircase, lying in a pool of blood.

The trial begins and experts battle over the interpretation of blood spatter.Investigators discover novelist Michael Peterson clutching his dead wife Kathleen, in a pool of blood at the bottom of their back staircase.Michael insists that her death is the result of a tragic fall, but investigators believe otherwise.Caudal to this line, you can see around 8-10 mucosal folds raised by the muscle strains of the internal anal sphincter, the anal columns (Morgagniís columns).In this region, the corpus cavernosum recti, a spongy body supplied by the superior rectal artery can also be found.The mystery deepens when the FBI connects her case to two other young women missing from her neighborhood. On August 6th 2011, Dalene Carlson vanishes during a Saturday night on the town.

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