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It is a building specifically designed for art education, by one of the Netherlands' most influential architects, and a building financed and renovated with public money.In stark contrast to claims made by the management, the Rietveld building will most certainly lose its public function; according to the current plans, the future function of the building will be the housing of a private school (The British School, a learning institute that charged, for the year 2007-8, a fee of 12.984 euro per student). The teachers and coordinators have not been consulted about the 'Programma van Eisen' (in English, the 'Schedule of Requirements', the program of needs concerning the housing of the Rietveld Academy). In 2004 alone, 15.000.000 euro of public money has been spent on the expansion of the Rietveld Academy.In other words, the management forsake its duty to inform the MR.

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Imagine the vast cultural importance of involving, at that time, the nestor of Dutch modern architecture: Gerrit Rietveld.

Between 19, after a long period of development and planning involving several sites in the city, the building of the academy was finally realized at the current location, and was finished after the death of Rietveld.

We would like to know who will be held responsible for this. In the case of education, quality should be more important than quantity.

The lack of space is clearly caused by the current increase in students.

In addition, an expensive renovation was made to tackle the lack of space within the Rietveld building.

From the moment it was finished, it was clear that this expansion/renovation failed to fulfill its specific requirements, and the problem of lack of space was not solved.

In addition, it is unclear how much useable extra space there is actually available, in comparison with the original Rietveld building. We strongly believe that the interests of education should never be made secondary to the interests of city planning.

In other words, an academy should never be turned into an instrument to gentrify a certain area. We object against the idea to house students in the same building where they are being educated.

September 11, 2009 Dear reader, Yesterday the board of directors of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy announced that they abandoned the possibility to move to a new location, the former GAK building.

Dividedness within the school, the question if the new building was suiting our needs and the financial conditions to be fulfilled all led to this decision.

This moment of presentation was designated, by the management, as a moment of decision.

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